How to Use This Book

Láadan is a language constructed by a woman, for women, for the specific purpose of expressing the perceptions of women. This grammar and dictionary are intended to introduce you to the language and give you an opportunity to see if it is of interest to you or could be useful to you. Each grammar unit has both a core section and a supplementary section that expands on the core. You might find it best to read through all the core sections first to get the feel and the weight of the language, and then return to the supplementary sections.

Vocabulary from the Grammar is listed in the Dictionary section, which is divided into an English-to-Láadan section and a (new to this edition) Láadan-to-English section; following the Dictionary is a set of miscellaneous information, additional vocabulary, and, for reference purposes, a brief listing of the basic rules of Láadan grammar.

A First Dictionary and Grammar of Láadan
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