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Glasgow students without flats told to consider quitting university

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Glasgow students without flats told to consider quitting university

Students unable to find accommodation have been told by their university to considering deferring or even withdrawing from their studies.

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Hundreds of students have returned after the summer break with nowhere to stay due to a shortage of available flats and soaring rents.

The situation has been described as "a real crisis" by some of those affected.

The University of Glasgow said it was taking a number of actions to support students.

But those affected have accused the university of "not caring" after being told to consider quitting.

BBC Scotland has seen an email in which the university tells one second-year student it "may be more appropriate for you to suspend your studies or withdraw".

It advises people not to complete registration - or even travel to Glasgow - until they have found somewhere to stay.

The university has said demand for rooms "continues to be substantially ahead of expectation both in Glasgow and more broadly across the UK".

It added that it had increased the number of rooms under its management by 25% and was "already taking steps to increase accommodation provision for future years".

The move comes after the university announced new students would not be guaranteed halls of residence accommodation this year.

It said the number of available private flats in the city had decreased so much that there was still a gap between supply and demand.

However, it has denied the problem has been caused by accepting too many students from outside Scotland.