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Novavax volunteers offered two approved travel jabs

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Novavax volunteers offered two approved travel jabs



People who took part in trials of Covid vaccines which haven't been approved yet will be offered two doses of another vaccine from next week, health officials say.

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This means more than 15,000 volunteers who received Novavax or other jabs will finally be able to travel abroad.

An eight-week gap is needed between the third and fourth doses.

The NHS Covid app will also be altered to permit travel after the extra two doses.

The move, announced by the Department of Health in England, has been developed with the help of the UK's vaccine committee and investigators who worked on the clinical trials.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland health teams are expected to follow suit in their regions.

Although people who signed up to Covid vaccine trials are recognised as fully-vaccinated in the UK - even if the vaccine has not been approved by the UK regulator - many other countries are not allowing them to enter.

And many volunteers had complained this put them at a disadvantage through no fault of their own.