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Test change for pregnant women could save lives

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Test change for pregnant women could save lives



A change in pre-eclampsia testing for pregnant women could help save lives.

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The potentially-fatal condition affects around 6% of women, often during the second half of pregnancy.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) had recommended a test that could only rule out the condition, but now recommends more accurate tests that can diagnose cases.

The Welsh government welcomed the new guidance, but said routine screening had not been recommended.

Eleri Wyn Foxhall, 32, from Penygroes in Gwynedd had pre-eclampsia in 2020.

She welcomes the move, but called for women to be tested routinely.

She believes there is a general "lack of information" about pre-eclampsia, and wants more work to be done on early detection.

Ms Foxhall was 35 weeks pregnant with her son Tomos when she went for a routine midwife's appointment in summer 2020.

After the midwife took her blood pressure, she was immediately taken to hospital. Although she had never heard of the condition, she later discovered she had been viewed as an emergency case.

After being given medication to reduce her blood pressure, she was induced the following day. But complications meant she was eventually taken into theatre for an assisted delivery.