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Two-thirds of South Sudan faces food crisis - UN

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Two-thirds of South Sudan faces food crisis - UN

About two-thirds of the South Sudanese population - some 7.7 million people - are likely to face acute food insecurity during between April and July next year, warns Unicef .

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Along with the World Food Programme and the Food and Agricultural Organisation, Unicef says the number of people experiencing food insecurity and malnutrition in South Sudan is now the highest it has ever been.

The UN agencies say some communities are likely to face starvation if humanitarian assistance is not sustained and climate adaptation measures are not scaled up.

"South Sudan is on the frontline of the climate crisis and day in, day out families are losing their homes, cattle, fields and hope to extreme weather," says Makena Walker, the acting WFP country director in South Sudan.

Conflict, and the spiralling costs of food and fuel are also driving the hunger and malnutrition crisis in the oil-producing East African nation, UN agencies say.