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Biologics MarketTrend, Growth, Size, Forecast, Key Players and Competitive Lanscape Research Report 2027

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The global biologics market is expected to reach USD 477.15 Billion by 2027, according to a new report by Emergen Research. The Biologics market is experiencing a rapid growth attributable to a growing demand for monoclonal antibodies, recombinant hormones/proteins, gene-based & cellular-based biologics, vaccines, and molecular therapy, among others, in the treatment of diseases including cancer, infectious diseases, immunological diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and hematological diseases, among others. Besides, growing demand and higher adoption of novel therapies across the globe for the treatment of disease conditions is a significant factor causative of the growing market demand.

The latest research report, titled ‘Global Biologics MarketMarket’, can be considered a profound analysis of the global Biologics Marketindustry that focuses on crucial data and information pertaining to the sales and revenue shares. The market evaluations over the forecast years are based on a comprehensive analysis of the leading market segments, such as product type outlook, application continuum, regional overview, and competitive landscape of the global Biologics Marketmarket.

Covid impact analysis:

The global Biologics Marketreport by emergen research is the latest document covering the changes in the market dynamics and trends that have followed the COVID-19 outbreak. The global health emergency has brought about unprecedented changes in the global economic scenario, drastically affecting the Biologics Marketmarket landscape, disrupting its supply chains, and causing volatility in prices and demand for products. The report analyzes the impact of the pandemic on the Biologics Marketindustry and highlights its beleaguered segments. However, our analysts speculate that the market will regain traction in the post-COVID scenario.

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Key Highlights From The Report

  • By source, mammalian biologics is estimated to observe a growth rate of 7.8% in the forecast period. Expression systems deploying mammalian cells for recombinant hormones/proteins can introduce appropriate protein folding, PTM (post-translational modifications), and product assembly that are essential for overall biological activity.
  • By type, vaccines are estimated to grow at a faster rate in the forecast period. A vaccine functions by preparing the immune system to identify and fight pathogens, either bacteria or viruses. Vaccines are beneficial in reducing preventable infectious diseases, and at present, a fewer number of people suffer from the distressing effects of pertussis and measles, among other illnesses.
  • By application, cancer, in terms of revenue, contributed to the largest market share in 2019. Biologics assists the immune system in quickly recognizing the cancer cells in the human body, as well as attacking the malignant cells, switching on/off the signals from cancerous cells helping in dodging the immune system cells.

Overview of the TOC of the Report:


  • Regional analysis with sales, revenue, and market share for each region for the forecast period
  • Country-wise analysis of the market by type, application, and manufacturers
  • Market Segmentation based on types
  • Market segmentation based on applications
  • Historical and forecast estimation

Key Geographies Profiled in the Report:

  • North America(the U.S., Mexico, and Canada)
  • Asia Pacific(China, Japan, India, and Rest of Asia Pacific)
  • Europe(the U.K., France, Germany, and Rest of Europe)
  • Latin America(Brazil and Rest of Latin America)
  • Middle East & Africa(GCC Countries and Rest of Middle East & Africa)


Thank you for reading our report. For further details or to inquire about customization, please let us know. We will offer you the report as per your needs.

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