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Call not to delay Covid booster due to Christmas

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Call not to delay Covid booster due to Christmas



Cornwall's chief pharmacist is urging people not to put off getting a booster jab due to Christmas.

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More than 60,000 have been administered in the county in the past week.

But Ian Davison, chief pharmacist at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust, said there had been a bit of a drop off.

As well as appointment only sessions, there are walk-ins available at Narrowcliffe surgery in Newquay and Clare's in Penzance.

Mr Davison told BBC Radio Cornwall: "We know Omicron now is the dominant variant in the South West so it is so important for people to get vaccinated as quickly as they can.

"We are so grateful for people to come forward but we just want to see that demand continue."

He added: "Obviously in the build up to Christmas we are seeing a bit of a drop off... Just to reassure people the vaccine is safe, the side effects are generally mild and we would really ask people to prioritise getting vaccinated ahead of the new year."

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I hope they will invent a vaccine soon that will not need boosters so often.