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Experts see opportunities for HKSAR's construction sector over the next decade.

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Experts see opportunities for HKSAR construction sector in next decade -  CGTN


The latest development plan in China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) and the southern city of Shenzhen. It will create a number of job opportunities and spur the Hong Kong Construction Sector (HKSAR) over the next decade, industry experts said on Monday.

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in early October Hong Kong proposes to build "Northern Metropolis" in Yuen Long District and Northern District Meanwhile, Shenzhen has announced the expansion of the Qianhai Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone. Shenzhen-Hong Kong

Ongoing plans and policy support will ensure opportunities for both construction professionals and employees in the next decade, Aaron Bok Kwok-ming, vice president of the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers, told China Daily.

The new metropolis occupies more than a quarter of Hong Kong's total area. and is expected to accommodate one-third of the city's current population. This will involve many new infrastructure projects such as transport connections. as well as residential and commercial buildings

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