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Family of woman with Covid appeals against end-of-life ruling

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Family of woman with Covid appeals against end-of-life ruling



Relatives of a woman in her 50s left brain-damaged and paralysed after contracting Covid-19 said a judge "ignored" their wishes when he ruled she should be allowed to die.

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The woman was admitted to Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge in late 2020.

A judge agreed with specialists that no more could be done for her and life-support treatment should end.

Her family said she could "show degrees of emotion", and has appealed against the decision, asking for more time.

Specialists treating the woman at the hospital said she was the "most complicated" Covid patient in the world and recommended palliative care should begin.

Her relatives disagreed and said she could "feel and show degrees of emotion" and enjoyed watching EastEnders and Mr Bean.

Mr Justice Hayden considered evidence at a recent hearing at the Court of Protection, where judges oversee hearings centred on adults who lack the mental capacity to make decisions, and concluded that life-support treatment should stop by the end of October.

The family has now asked three judges at the Court of Appeal in London to overturn Mr Justice Hayden's decision, at the Court of Appeal in London.

Representing the relatives, barrister Edward Devereux QC told Sir Andrew McFarlane, the most senior Court of Protection judge in England and Wales, Lord Justice Moylan, and Sir Nicholas Patten, that Mr Justice Hayden had "erred".

Mr Justice Hayden had given "insufficient consideration" to the woman's "earlier capacitous decision" that she wanted "full escalation" of treatment and had failed to appreciate the "overwhelming importance" of her religious and cultural beliefs, Mr Devereux said.

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Sorry about that

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If you don't want to be sad, take a more joyful attitude to life.