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Feeling of love in old age?

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For men of this age category, in a global sense, there are two ways: he either found what he was looking for and settled down, or continues the search.

A man who has met and chosen a life partner will put sex on the back burner. He will be more interested in work, raising children, meeting friends — as a man and a husband, he has already realized, now you can do other things.

A man in an unhappy relationship is more likely to seek adultery and sexual fulfillment.

But if by the age of fifty a man has remained an inveterate bachelor, there is a high probability that he will return to the psychology of a twenty-year-old. He will actively seek sex, often change partners.

This happens against the background of falling indicators of sexual and physical health, a man is still trying to prove to himself and his partner that he is young and full of strength.



To characterize the sexuality of a man over fifty, the word "cautious" is perfect. Men not only become very picky about women, but also calculating about spontaneous sex. They soberly assess their own capabilities and choose a regular relationship with one woman rather than random sexual episodes.

And the concept of "regularity" acquires a new meaning. A man in his fifties or older often has more than enough sex 1-2 times a week. This is primarily due to indicators of physical health. It is it that affects potency, and not age itself.

The duration of one sexual act increases, not all episodes end with ejaculation, and the erection is not always stable. That is why a man initiates sex only when he is confident in his desire and his abilities, and only with the woman he trusts.

Dividing men into age groups is a very schematic way to demonstrate that male sexuality really changes with age.

Choosing a lover solely based on his age is definitely not worth it, because you can meet a man deep into his fifties who can boast of his sexual abilities, and a thirty-year-old who has completely lost interest in sex.

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