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Freddie Lewis explores his gender with new exhibition

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Freddie Lewis explores his gender with new exhibition



A transgender musician from Bristol has curated an art exhibition based on his ongoing relationship with his gender.

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Pale Pink Works of Art is a collection of locally commissioned pieces, as well as works from LGBTQ+ British artists.

It is being displayed on 2 June at Dareshack in Bristol, to mark the release of Freddie Lewis' new record.

He said: "Pale pink here represents femininity and trying to alleviate myself of the pressure to perform masculinity 'correctly'."

The event is inspired by the lyric 'Paint myself a pale pink work of art' in Freddie Lewis' upcoming release 'Bell Jar / The Gallery'.

"I think for me it's about making the song and poem physical," said the poet and musician.

The exploration of pale pink hints toward Freddie's relationship with his gender.

"The song, 'Bell Jar', being released on the day [of the event], is about letting go of structures, and making decisions lead by desire rather than conditioned ones.

"For me this includes gender structure," said Mr Lewis.

"How do I, or a collective we, move beyond symbols of the gender construct in the challenging of it?

"When does pale pink just become a colour and something opposed to masculinity?" said Mr Lewis.