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Girl, 9, receives 50 letters from Royal Family over five years

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Girl, 9, receives 50 letters from Royal Family over five years

A nine-year-old girl who has regularly written to the Royal Family and had more than 50 letters in return says she intends to continue the correspondence.

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Grace, from Rugby, Warwickshire, started writing to them on "all occasions" from the age of four.

She said she wanted to let them know her news and she wrote down what her own family was up to.

Her first letter to the new monarch would let him know "we think he will make a really good King", she said.

Speaking of the first letter she wrote, Grace said: "I didn't expect them to actually write back. I thought they were just going to say, 'Oh nice'."

Since then she has written to them on a multitude of occasions.

"We say happy birthday to them and tell them about special things that we've done," she said.

Father Mark O'Connell said his daughter had received some "amazing" responses.

"She often received them from the Queen's lady-in-waiting," he explained.

They included some "really great memories".

"It's just nice to get the envelope through the door with the address of Kensington Palace or Buckingham Palace, or wherever it's come from.

"It's going to be a really nice memory box to look back on over the years and see how the family have evolved."