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How to increase website speed using WordPress plugin?

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There is a number of plugins available to help you speed up your website.

W-3 Total Cache is a popular plugin among web designers and the WordPress community. This powerful plugin improves website speed by significantly lowering page load times with CDN integration. It also leads to better SEO and user experience. Because of its advantages, millions of publishers worldwide rely on this free plugin.

Files with small file sizes will load more quickly. WP Super Minify accelerates website load times by merging, minifying, and caching HTML, inline CSS, and JavaScript files. This plugin is quite easy to set up.

Images enhance the meaning and attraction of material. They are an essential component of web pages. Higher-quality photos, on the other hand, have greater file sizes, which slows down website performance. WP Smush is an image-compressing plugin that has won many awards. It aids in reducing picture size without sacrificing visual quality.

A website's natural behavior includes instantly loading the whole content of a page when a visitor sees the site for the first time. The loading time will be slower if the site has long-form material with several photos. Lazy loading is an efficient solution to this problem. It is a strategy that loads just the photos visible in the initial fold of a visitor's browser window. This prevents the website from loading all of the material at once.