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How to Visit Nyingchi

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How to Visit Nyingchi? At present, driving is the main way to enter Nyingchi because there are the best road condition and beautiful scenery along the highway. For driving to Nyingchi, you will start from Lhasa, go across the Mila Pass (5013m), and continue driving to Nyingchi City(Bayi town) on China National Highway G318. On the way, you can visit charming Basumtso Lake.


Travelers also can fly to Nyingchi from those cities in China such as Chengdu, Guangzhou, Xi'an, and Lhasa. Nyingchi Miling airport is about 72 kilometers (45 miles) away from Nyingchi County. Chengdu is currently operating five flights every week. It takes about 2hrs 25mins to fly from Chengdu to Nyingchi, so it's a nice choice if you don't want to ride back to Lhasa for 7~8 hrs in the original way.