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Lime suspends operations in South Korea due to "Chaotic Scooter Environment"

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Lime Cites "Chaotic Scooter Environment" as it Suspends South Korean  Operations | Auto Futures


Lime, the micromobility operator The joint venture will temporarily shut down operations in several South Korean cities at the end of the month. Lime said the withdrawal was due to regulatory shortfalls such as a lack of a request for proposal (RFP) process,

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leading to operators. Lots of uncontrollable fleet sizes. This causes malfunctions and problems with driver compliance. especially the parking area and congestion.

[The RFP process] allows cities to lead (and own) in a busy scooter environment. to improve parking safety certification and create a marketplace tailored to their citizens,” a Lime spokesperson told TechCrunch, adding that Paris was A perfect example of how well this works.

We believe that South Korea will benefit from moving to an RFP system that selects a few outstanding service providers in each city to offer the best micromobility programs.

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