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New Eye Drops Could Treat Age-Related Blurry

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Advanced eye drops may allow you to chuck your glasses - ISRAEL21c


The drops, called Vuity, are available for daily use and are now available with a prescription in the United States. See how it works, prices, and more.Getting older and needing reading glasses often go hand in hand. But it may not be necessary anymore.

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in october The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Vuity, an eye drop used to treat presbyopia. or age-related blurry vision in early december Drops are available over-the-counter with a prescription for people with age-related blurred vision.

which is the first drug to treat the condition Dr. Christopher Starr, ophthalmologist and spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology. He said in an email that he had prescribed these drugs to patients and used them himself.

What is age-related blurred vision?

with age-related presbyopia or blurred vision with age A person has difficulty seeing objects at close distances. as their eyes gradually Loss of ability to focus, according to the Mayo Clinic, is usually noticeable between ages 40 and mid-40s and continues to get worse until age 65.