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'Splinter Cell' remake in progress

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Ubisoft confirms that a remake of Splinter Cell is in progress - Game News  24


After some hiccups and talks about the animated series, Ubisoft is finally ready to make a new Splinter Cell game — in a very speaking manner. The game developers have revealed plans for a new Splinter Cell that aims to create stealth in the early game while using modern technology.

As part of SLOT ONLINE this bonus Roma games are swords and shields that allow us to fight with lions or slash the lions. The game will be styled like a normal online game. having to break through the checkpoint to enter the treasure making the game more exciting

The project will use the Snowdrop engine in newer games such as The Division 2 and upcoming Avatar titles. But you get to play in a small linear environment. Instead of Ubi's signature (and often formulaic) open spaces, the company wanted to meet today's

gaming expectations. But be aware that early Splinter Cells were very attractive. Because it rewards true hidden players who show patience, ingenuity and orderly planning. Don't expect to survive a full-fledged gunfight. In other words, it is