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Stadia lets you join your friends' games without inviting them.

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Stadia users can let their friends join their match without an invite - Game  News 24


Google is gradually bringing more and more useful features to Stadia, many of which should have been available from the start. It's still laughable how long it took to add a search function in the store for one thing. Shortly after the arrival of free trials for some

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additional games, Google is rolling out the option to join your friends' games without inviting them.The support page discovered by 9to5Google states that this option is available in some games, including Far Cry 6. You can enable

it by going to the Privacy tab of Stadia Settings under Current Games. There is a name option to join your current game. which you can enable to let others join the multiplayer game without inviting them. You can set this for your friends,

your friends and their friends. All players or none This is a welcome update that brings Stadia a bit more consistency with other gaming platforms, encouraging a group of friends to play the same game. Because they will play together a little easier.