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The bounced QR code is a Super Bowl ad for Coinbase.

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That bouncing QR code was really a Super Bowl ad for Coinbase - CNET


A bounce ad reminiscent of a DVD player logo. It allows viewers to scan the code and direct them to websites that offer cryptocurrencies.Most of this year's Super Bowl ads feature familiar voices from Zendaya to Colin Jost. Show that you are ready for practice. 

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During the game's second quarter, a 60-second ad aired showing a pop-up QR code and a nod to a bouncy meme DVD. Although the ads lack dialogue. But there was also a Money cover show by electronic musician Com Truise.

This ad is for Coinbase crypto-currency company. And if you pull out your smartphone and focus on the QR code, you will be taken to the website. Ad makers are hoping that new

customers will sign up for their Coinbase account using the link. Promise $15 in Bitcoin to Registered People It also offers a chance to win one of three $1 million prizes in the sweepstakes.

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What is that QR code about?