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Types of business fraud

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I started working online and now I'm very worried that I might become an aim of scammers. I would like to have an idea of ​​what schemes the scammers have.

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It seems to me that we are unlikely to be able to find out about all the fraudulent schemes. Probably only the most popular ones.

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Don't worry. The most important thing is to do everything honestly so that there are no questions for you. I try to do everything honestly and that's why I turned to in order to provide a system of payments that I receive from my clients. I don't want to see money transfers to the card anymore, it's not that secure.

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I don’t think it will help you, even if you'll know absolutely all the schemes of the fraudsters. It's much easier to seek the help of specialists at who will definitely take care of your online security using various anti fraud solutions, for example, device fingerprinting, chargeback prevention, transaction analysis and others.

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