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Vaccine and other Pandemic Words

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Thought it would be good to have a thread to kick around ideas on pandemic-related words.

It would be handy to have a word for vaccine. A straight-forward kind of construction might be something like daleldóyoméeyarawáan (thing + protect + sickness-in-spite-of), but that's real long. Just daleléeyarawáan might suffice, though still pretty long. Wondering if anyone else has any other suggestions, either differing constructions or possible abbreviations for the above.

Also, might be good to have a word for pandemic or plague. I submit as a possibility: nishéeya (weed + sickness).

Also, added this suggestion to the tail end of my last thread, but going to pop it in here because it's related: doólelol - finally being among one's community/family/etc. after a period of isolation.


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Wil sha i wil doólelol!

I like nishéeya for "widespread sickness"; it makes sense that if we have a word like "miwith" for city (which I read as "people spread out but connected like the leaves of a tree"), you can use a similar metaphorical construction for other things. And "weed versus flower" is a matter of perspective, so I like the negative connotation in "sickness that spreads like a weed". You could add a degree to it,  to differentiate between something like "cold season" (nishéeyahel), "flu season" (nishéeyahal), and "pandemic" (nishéeyahul, or even nishéeyaháalish). 

If we establish nishéeya as "pandemic", then we could use "nónishéeya" both as "to end a pandemic" and "pandemic ender", with specifics implied through context or various Case forms?

Bíi eril thel le nónishéeyath édutháde wa-- I received a pandemic-ender from a healer/I was vaccinated by a doctor

In this way "nónishéeya" could refer to things like public health policy, mutual aid, and any other efforts and inventions to end a pandemic as well. I think the context would make it clear.

I think doólelol is a lovely sentiment, full stop.





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Wow, that's a very cool idea! Speaking of the pandemic, guys, I've been having some skin issues since I've been sick. Has anyone had this happen to them? Anyway, in the end, I was advised this site where I found a miracle solution for me. And thank God it all went away! And by the way, what words could be used to refer to the aftermath after dealing with the coronavirus?