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What are Language Features?

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If you have enrolled in a literature course, certainly you need to master language features. But before we dig deep into the subject, let’s first learn about the definition and basics of language features.Generally, language is one of the most efficient communication techniques and serves as an important component of our lives. Every language has its attributes, hence it’s important to have proper knowledge about it. Mostly, writers and poets make use of literary devices and language features, while creating literature work.

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Language learning has never been my strong suit but I try my best. At the moment I study German at B2 level

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What methods of learning a language do you use? I tried to work with a tutor, but it was too tedious for me.

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I used to work with a teacher, and for me, it didn't work out as well. I think it's hard to find a teacher who would present information in an interesting way. That's why I decided to switch to language learning lingopie because for me, learning by watching TV shows is the best method, and it actually works. If you haven't tried it - highly recommend it.

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Do you have any recommendations about learning Hebrew?

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