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What do UI designers do?

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User interface designers spend a significant amount of time collaborating with other designers and engineers throughout the product development process.

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Job responsibilities differ for different positions of UI Designer. For example if you are a freelancer then the responsibilities will be delivering the product in time is the first priority and then when comes to design being a UI Designer you need to do some UX Research on that topic to draw a basic wireframe before you start to design. 

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If you're looking for a UI designer, the best place to look is here . I've already had the experience of working with this team of web designers and I can say that I really enjoyed this collaboration. Designers who worked on my project took into account all my desires and vision of the finished product. Our cooperation was through communication with the project manager, who very clearly communicated my ideas to the developers and vice versa. I got a perfect project that didn't even need any edits. Awesome!!!

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