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What do UI designers do?

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User interface designers spend a significant amount of time collaborating with other designers and engineers throughout the product development process.

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User interface (UI) design is the process of designing how a user should interact with software. Ease of use and simplicity of workflow are seemingly simple but important things for conversions and further communication with the client. Design agency for startups is now providing such services and they convinced me how important it is for my project.

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I can't help but agree that the user interface should be user-friendly. But I want to add that any site must also be attractive. I am a beginner web designer and I know how to do it. Most of the ideas that I use in my projects I find on this source I really like sets of graphic images with geometric patterns. I saw them on the same site. It's very creative. When I used such images in one of my projects, the client was delighted.