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What's harder? Geometry Dash Bloodbath or Bloodlust

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Is it usual for a 7-year-old to conquer ridiculous Geometry Dash levels like Theory of Evolution 2? I'm simply a parent, and I'm not really acquainted with these games. I restrict my son's time on the computer, but he enjoys this game and has completed several "crazy" levels.

So, after researching this game, I've concluded that this is either a bogus question (possible, but extremely doubtful) or that you're a parent (maybe helicopter, perhaps not) with no understanding of any technology.

First, we'll explain what this game is and present their trailer, which displays some basic gameplay:

It's a side scroller game in which you hop over and under obstacles in order to reach the finish of the level, similar to old-school Mario Brothers. It contains basic gameplay mechanics (you just touch to leap at the appropriate moment) and relatively simple shapes, thus the name "Geometry Dash"

Now, the reason this game is making waves is because, like many other side scrolling dash games nowadays, it becomes more difficult to play as you go (for example, Flappy Birds also did this).

This is accomplished by increasing the number of obstacles and speeding up the side scrolling.

This is why the level referenced in this question (Theory of Evolution 2) is so challenging, since it is at the end of the game's difficulty curve.

Games like this are mostly about practicing hand-eye coordination, timing, and, in some circumstances, memory function.

This level (as seen in the video below in its full) is really pretty difficult owing to the hand-eye coordination and timing necessary to complete it. And that's only on standard difficulty!

Many games today, like this one, provide numerous difficulty levels from which players may pick. For example, if I just want to play the game for the narrative, I could choose the casual/easy game mode; if I wanted to play it with some difficulty, I could select the regular difficulty level; and if I wanted a challenge, I could select the hard difficulty level.

In this situation, "insane" difficulty is just a greater difficulty than hard, which gives more of a challenge (and more pleasure after you've completed the level/game).

Some gamers appreciate the plot of the game, while others prefer the challenge of defeating a difficult game.

Why would a mother be concerned about her kid playing a game that helps to improve his physical and mental skills early on (which is a positive thing to do early in a child's development)?

In this situation, the mother limits screen time, which is beneficial to the child since it minimizes eye strain and vision difficulties later in life.

However, the game itself is very safe, and your youngster will gain much from playing games like this.

If anything, I'd bring little Timmy or little Amy some ice cream to celebrate their accomplishment and then see if I could get them to play additional puzzle type games (Unblock Me is an excellent one) during game time to help keep their brains working while still allowing them to play pleasant ones in limited doses!

Just be sure to check the game rating (the ESRB is useful in evaluating games that are kid friendly for parents), and always do your own research before purchasing a game for your child!

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