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Women's dress

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Hello friends. Where can I buy a women's dress for the summer season?

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I decided to make myself a gift and bought a few things at a good discount. I was disappointed that the delivery took a very long time and it seemed to me that I was deceived. I found thredup phone number and called to find out this question. It turned out that it was the post office that did not notify me that the parcel had been in my office for at least 2 weeks.

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Can you tell me a good store for women's nightwear? I want to give a gift to my girlfriend.

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The last time my girlfriend and I went to the opera I wore a tuxedo and she wore Silk Nighties which she bought on this website. The company that we went to the opera together was so delighted with my girlfriend's dress that no one even thought it could be a nightgown. So girls, catch a lifehack, if you do not have a new dress just wear a beautiful silk shirt and complete the image with accessories.