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Free online app builder: Is It Worth The Effort And Cost?


Can a free online app builder really be worth your time? After all, time is money, and, in many cases, “free” means it’s not going to be very good, or it’s not actually free (hidden costs abound).


There are a few factors to consider when using a free online app builder — including features available, and how your app will be used from it development company - If a free online app builder doesn’t have features to include in your app, and you’re not sure how your app will be used, then it wouldn’t be worth it.


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Supported Operating Systems

A free online app builder is worth the effort and “cost” of your time only if it supports iOS(iPhone, iPad), Android, and HTML5 for iOS, Android, and Blackberry. The available platforms of Mobile App Wizard are diverse — meaning that you can reach a wider audience solely by creating one app.


The Real Cost

Mobile App Wizard is a 100% free online app builder. There are no hidden fees to create and publish an app. Additionally, when you create an app this way, you will get an HTML5 app automatically, so any app you have made can be used by iOS, Android, and Blackberry users. This makes for a truly cost-efficient endeavor.


Perhaps the best part is the amount of time it takes to build an app that works — typically, an app can be created in less than 30 minutes on developing an app - Essentially, the process is effortless and free. The return on your investment can be well worth it.


App Diversity

Another bonus that makes this free online app builder worth your time and cost is what kinds of apps you can create:


    • General, All-Purpose apps
    • Radio
    • Events
    • Band
    • Sports
    • Organization (Non-Profit)
    • Newsletter
    • eBook
    • Catalog
    • Interactive Book
    • Journal
    • Magazine/Newsstand
    • Brochure
    • Business/Organization
    • Newspaper



You can make the apps as interactive as you want, or use them for training purposes. The possibilities are numerous. You can design the page to your specifics, including app icons, title pages, logos, and background images. For this amount of options and customization, you can build a free basic app that looks great and gets the job done.


With a recent study by AT&T demonstrating that 72% of small businesses use mobile apps for their business functions, it would be a dear cost not to have a mobile app for your company such as custom software development services weblink. Make sure that you’re using a reliable free online app builder to save your business money, attract new customers, and make your business operations go smoothly. It’s worth it!


Why You Don’t Want Investment Early Stage


I’ve written a lot about the positives of early stage investment and there  is a ton of it around. But I’ve never seen a blog about the negative effect of raising cash from professional “smart money” investors. I want to preface this with the fact that there are tons of positives as well and it shouldn’t turn you off trying.  I just want to illustrate some effects I’ve seen as my time in the space.


It’s Time-Consuming

Raising investment will take a ton longer than your planning. I’ve seen people go for 6 months with no luck and some close an investment round in weeks. It’s so hard to predict how long it will take but it’s usually a long time. It takes a lot of time to prepare the pitch deck, the financial models and rehearses the presentation. It takes time to first find, then reach out to investors on software testing service - You’ll need to book meetings which will get pushed around and then spend a few hours pitching. Say you get the deal it’ll be weeks of negotiation as well.


On the whole, it will likely take months and you have to calculate the cost of that. Could you have generated 100 more customers, improved a feature set or brokered a new partnership in that time? You need to weigh up what your opportunity cost of the whole endeavor.


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You’ll Get Poor Equity Terms

The less traction you have the high the risk profile of an investment deal is. If you haven’t achieved a critical mass, you’ve got no customers or growth you’re a risky investment. Investors have two choices when dealing with risk. If the risk is too high they can choose to pass on the investment, that’s the most popular choice. The second is to up the equity ask that’s factored into the deal. It’s very common for an investor to ask for between 15-30% of a company in a seed round. That can jump if you have less traction as well. A lot of people tell me they’d rather own 70% of a million dollar company than 100% of a $0 company. That logic is true to a point but you have to understand the less you own the less you have to sell to propel yourself forward later.


Wild Term Sheets Are Around

If an investor chooses to invest they’ll present you with a term sheet which summarizes the deal. It outlines all the clauses and caveats of their investment in your company. And for the most part, they can include whatever they like in them, you can sign it and take the money or not sign it and not get your cash. Clauses like non-dilution, drag along, tag along and voting rights are common to average cost of it support services - They can be good or bad things depending on the structure of the document. But at the end of the day, your hand is somewhat forced even if there are negative clauses.


Lawyers Are Expensive

You’re going to need lots of documents and general advice. Do you have a company, a shareholders agreement or a term sheet? If not you’ll need to pay up for a lawyer to create them as they are needed in most equity deals. When you’ve got a deal in front of you from an investor you’ll want your lawyers to look over it before you sign it. More lawyer cash there but it’s worth it to avoid some of those odd clauses I mentioned above. Think about what you could do in your own company with all that cash.


You’ll Have No Leverage

In summation, traction equals leverage and power, the more you have of it the more power you have to dictate the terms of your deal. High growth startups don’t even have to search for capital, a lot of them get approached by investors who are interested already. There’s a simple solution to all the things I’ve mentioned above and that’s to focus on growing your business organically. You’ll thank me later.



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