Adverbial Dependent Clauses in Láadan


when — widahath [carry + time]
where — widahoth [carry + place]
why — widahuth [carry + reason]
how — widaweth [carry + manner]

[Note: It would be reasonable to expect “how” to be either “widaheth” or “widahith.” However, because so many languages don’t make a distinction between the vowel E in “bed” and the vowel I in “bid,” I think it’s best not to use either of those forms.]


1. Bíi lalom le widahath hal le wa.

“I sing when I work.”

2. Bíi widahath hal le, lalom le wa.

“When I work, I sing.”

3. Bíi widahoth ril yod rul, hadihad ina be wa.

“Where the cat eats, she always sleeps.”

4. Bíi widahuth eril náhal with, lothel ra le wa.

“Why the woman kept working, I don’t know.”

5. Bíi widaweth aril mebedi háawith, lothel ra le wa.

“How the children will learn, I don’t know.”