Láadan Core Words

Core Words

Láadan English
a love (for inanimates only); to love (inanimates only)
áana sleep (see also: ina=to sleep)
an to know (of people)
ana food
aril later, after (in time)
ash star
babí bird
bal bread
ban to give
beth home
bre…ébre if .. then
bróo because
dal thing
dala plant, any growing thing
dale object, any made thing
dan language [dáan=word]
dazh to be yielding, pliant, soft
den help, to help
di to speak, say, tell
dim container
do to be strong
e or, either
ed tool
éeya sickness, disease, illness
el to make
en to understand
eril earlier, before (in time)
éthe to be clean (See also: háawithéthe, huhéthe, mudahéthe, onidahéthe, thóohéthe)
hal work, to work
ham to be present
hath time
heb down, the direction
héeya fear, to fear, to be afraid
híya to be small
hoth place
i and
ihe before (in space), in front of [ihée=after]
ihée after (in space), behind [ihe=before]
ili water
izh but
láad to perceive [láa=perception]
lili to be wet [lil=water]
liri to be colored, to have color
lóolo to be slow
menedebe to be many [nedebe=to be few + me-=implies grater weight or size or importance] (never change form or add case marker)
mid creature, any animal
mime to ask
mina to move
naya to take care of
nede one, (1)
néde to want
nedebe to be few, to be several [but not many] (never change form or add case marker)
nil inside
nin to cause, causal
o around
obe through
obée during (I work during the night. -> Bíi hal le náaleya obée wa.)
oma hand
onida family
óoha to be tired, weary
óol moon
óowa fire
osháana to menstruate, menstrual
owa to be warm, hot
ra no, not (interjection)
rahadidad never [ra=non- + hadidad=always]
raheb up [ra=non- + heb=down]
rana drink, beverage, to drink
ranil outside, out [ra=non- + nil=inside]
rayil above [ra=non- + yil=under]
ril now
ro weather
rosh sun
rul cat
sha harmony, to be in harmony
sháad to come, to go (differentiated by the ‘source’ or ‘goal’ marker on the following noun)
shim to “sexual act”, engage in sex, copulation (abstract and completely neutral term)
shub to do
thal to be good, fine, satisfactory
thi to have
thili fish
thosh sky
ud stone
úuya to hurt, feel pain
weth road, way, path, track
wida to carry
wihi emotion
wíi to be alive, living [wi=life]
with person, woman; to specify a male person, add the masculine suffix ‘-id’
wóoban to give birth, to bear
yada thirst, to be thirsty, thirsting
yil to be under, below
yod to eat
yom safe, secure
yu fruit
zhe to be like, as, similar
zho sound (audible)
zhub insect

Core Supplement Words

Láadan English
áya to be beautiful
bad mineral
balin to be old
bo mountain
dom to remember
doni ground, dirt, earth, soil
ede grain
esh boat
hesh grass
id and-then
lom song
lub poultry, fowl (chicken, duck, goose)
máa egg
mi leaf, as in leaf of a tree, not a page in a book
muda pig
nu here
oba body
ona face (the body part)
sheb change, to change
shum air
thom pillow
thul parent
wili river, creek [ili=water]
yob coffee