Degree Markers

Neutral or Positive/Negative depending on context:

  • hel — to a trivial degree; slightly
  • hil — to a minor degree; rather
  • null (no affix) — to an ordinary degree
  • hal — to an unusual degree; very; quite
  • (original) –hele — to a troublesome degree (in NEG contexts); much
  • hele — to a large degree; much
  • (original) –hile — to a severe degree (in NEG contexts); great
  • hile — to a very large degree; greatly
  • (original) –hul — to an extreme degree, extraordinary; in NEG context, to a violent degree
  • hul — to an extreme degree
  • (original) –hule — an intolerable degree
  • hule — to a degree that’s so large it’s on the border between good and bad
  • háalish — to an extraordinary degree


  • théle — to a pleasing degree; fine
  • thíle — to a more than pleasing degree; excellent
  • thúul — to an extraordinarily pleasing degree; magnificent
  • thúle — to the furthest degree of pleasingness possible; perfect


  • shéle — to a troublesome, irritating degree
  • shíle — to a severe degree
  • shúul — to an intolerable degree
  • shúle — special emergency form; negative only; unbearable to a degree that would cause catastrophic events such as suicide; a signal for immediate help