Lesson Nine – Sha Has A Panel At The Con


alehala to make art
bama angry [for a reason, but not something that can be blamed on anybody and not something that it’s possible to do anything about]
dihomedal panel
eth to be about [as in “a book about birds”]
Dóo “Well….”
néde to want
íi also; too


1. Bíi ril thi Sha dihomedaleth wa.

“Sha has a panel.”

2. Bíi aril eth dihomedal alehala wa.

“The panel will be about making art.”

3. Bíi ril thi ra óowamid dihomedaleth wa.

“The dragon doesn’t have a panel.”

4. Bíi ril bama óowamid wa.

“The dragon is angry.”

5. Bíi ril di óowamid, “Dóo, ril néde lehóo dihomedaleth íi wa!”

“The dragon says, ‘Well, I want a panel too!”

Láadan Grammar Facts

  1. In Láadan, emotions (like joy and sadness and anger) have a number of different forms. We will be discussing the forms one at a time as we learn them.

Pattern Practice

Complete the following sentences by adding the appropriate ending to the Láadan word that follows the sentence.


Bíi ril néde le dihomedaleth wa.

“I want a panel.”

1. Bíi ril néde le _________ wa. [a cape; cape — rimáayo]

2. Bíi ril néde le _________ wa. [a comb; comb — don]

3. Bíi ril néde le _________ wa. [a guitar; guitar — lalen]

4. Bíi ril néde le _________ wa. [a rocking chair; rocking chair — lolin]

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