Lesson Ten – The Dragon Has A Sales Table At The Con


áabe book
dínídin toy
eb sell; buy
losh money
menedebe many, a lot
dalehebewan sales table
lezh we (five or fewer)
id and-then


1. Bíi ril thi óowamid dalahebewaneth buzheha wa.

“The dragon has a sales table at the con.”

2. Bíi aril eb óowamid áabeth menedebe wa.

“The dragon will sell many books.”

3. Bíi aril eb be dínídineth menedebe wa.

“It will sell many toys.”

4. Bíi id aril thi óowamid losheth menedebe wa!”

“And then the dragon will have a lot of money!”

Láadan Grammar Facts

  1. For the Pattern Practice section below, remember that you only have to make the verb plural. You don’t need to make any change in the form of the nouns that list the items “we” will be selling.

Pattern Practice

Complete the following sentences by adding the appropriate ending to the Láadan word that follows the sentence.


Bíi aril meheb lezh doyuth menedebe wa.

“We will sell a lot of apples.”

1. Bíi aril meheb lezh _________ menedebe wa. [boats; boat — esh]

2. Bíi aril meheb lezh _________ menedebe wa. [cradles; cradle — lulin]

3. Bíi aril meheb lezh _________ menedebe wa. [computers; computer — shinehal]

4. Bíi aril meheb lezh _________ menedebe wa. [games; game — shida]

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