Lesson Seven – At The Hotel


wida carry
yide hungry
hihath now; right now
both hotel
me- plural morpheme used at the beginning of verbs and words that correspond to English adjectives
-ha morpheme used to indicate where something or someone is located


1. Bíi ril Athid botheha wa.

“Athid is at the hotel.”

2. Bíi ril Sha botheha wa.

“Sha is at the hotel.”

3. Bíi ril Thad botheha wa.

“Thad is at the hotel.”

4. Bíi ril óowamid botheha wa.

“The dragon is at the hotel.”

5. Bíi eril mewida Athid i Sha i Thad imedimeth wa.

“Athid and Sha and Thad carried a suitcase.”

6. Bíi eril wida óowamid imedimeth boó wa.

“The dragon carried three suitcases.”

7. Bíi ril meyide hihath Athid, Sha, Thad i óowamid wa.

“Now Athid, Sha, Thad, and the dragon are hungry.”

Láadan Grammar Facts

  1. To make a verb plural — that is, to indicate that more than one subject is involved — just put “me-” at the very beginning of the verb.

    The rule is the same if the word you’re using would be an adjective in English. So, for example, the Láadan word for “blue” is “leyi”; and the way to say “The suitcases are blue” in Láadan is “Bíi ril meleyi imedim wa.”

    Notice that you don’t have to make any change in the word “suitcase” — only in the word “blue.”

  2. When the evidential “wa” is used at the end of a sentence that is about someone’s internal state — like being hungry or thirsty or sleepy or bored, for example — it means that the speaker has actually heard that person say something like “I’m hungry” or “I’m thirsty,” or has seen the person do something that unambiguously carries that meaning.

Pattern Practice

Complete the following sentences by adding the appropriate ending to the Láadan word that follows the sentence.


Bíi ril wida Athid webeth wa.

“Athid is carrying a beer.”

1. Bíi ril wida Athid _________ wa. [a book; book — áabe]

2. Bíi ril wida Athid _________ wa. [a camera: camera — ridadem]

3. Bíi ril wida Athid _________ wa. [a cat; cat — rul]

4. Bíi ril wida Athid _________ wa. [an apple; apple — doyu]

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